Make the Narrator Reliable Again

There is a strong argument to be made for first-person narration being consubstantial to crime fiction. The first detective story ever used that device, which became an unofficial rule over all the Victorian and Edwardian eras, leading to the conscientious, starry-eyed and often none too bright narrator being called The Watson after its most famous … Lire la suite Make the Narrator Reliable Again


John Dickson Carr Begins

Carr may be unique among major mystery writers in that it took some time for his writing personality to fully emerge, probably because of the many and often contradictory literary influences that haunted him. This is one of the reasons why his early work, most notably what I'll call The Jeff Marle Quintet (i.e. the … Lire la suite John Dickson Carr Begins


La présence de Lovecraft sur ce blog peut surprendre de prime abord, quoiqu'elle ne soit pas à proprement parler une nouveauté: j'avais déjà écrit un article en anglais voici quelques années sur les étranges similitudes entre sa personnalité et son oeuvre et celles de John Dickson Carr. J'avais avoué à cette occasion n'être pas un … Lire la suite Hybrides