The Fifth Queen

Early in E.C.R. Lorac's Shroud of Darkness, one character is said to be reading a novel by Josephine Tey (the translator doesn't care to say which one, probably because it was hosted by another publisher) It is a noticeable happening as references to Tey and his work are pretty rare in contemporary crime fiction, in … Lire la suite The Fifth Queen


Do Whodunits Age Better Than « Crime Novels »?

Okay, I'm cheeky again and indulging once more in the polemical with a title-question that probably will irk some of my readers. Let them know however that my intentions are pure and my puzzlement sincere. It all started with this clip from the latest issue of Publishers Weekly posted by John Pugmire over at his … Lire la suite Do Whodunits Age Better Than « Crime Novels »?