Back to Basics: JDC (yet) again

Let's face it: You people just like it when I'm talking - hopefully not nonsense - about The Master. The ratings show it, and the comments section too. I'm more than happy to oblige, especially as I did some thinking on the issue of late - some MORE thinking as I have mined the subject … Lire la suite Back to Basics: JDC (yet) again

Some Blasphemous Thoughts

It will be fifteen years this November that I started this blog, which makes it one of the oldest crime fiction blogs in activity, assuming so irregular an outlet can be unironically called "active". While I intended it to be a receptacle for my "random thoughts" on all kinds of subjects it ultimately turned out … Lire la suite Some Blasphemous Thoughts

In Praise of… Lawrence G. Blochman

Lawrence Goldtree Blochman's resume is impressive: he wrote hundreds short stories, a few novels, some screenplays and also did some translating on his "free" time. He was an early president of the MWA and won an Edgar for his short-story collection Diagnosis: Homicide. The only thing that constantly eluded him both in his lifetime and … Lire la suite In Praise of… Lawrence G. Blochman

A Few Thoughts about McCloy, Carr (yet again) and Literary Influeces

When reading Alias Basil Willing last year I was surprised to find that Helen McCloy had inscribed her book to John Dickson Carr and his wife Clarice as nothing I knew about their respective works suggested they might have known, let alone appreciated, each other. Now one year later and upon finishing McCloy's The Deadly … Lire la suite A Few Thoughts about McCloy, Carr (yet again) and Literary Influeces

La Parenthèse enchantée

Les années d'après-guerre ne sont pas une période que l'on associe généralement avec de grandes avancées pour les droits des femmes, bien au contraire. La décennie qui suit la fin des hostilités est même souvent considérée, aux Etats-Unis surtout, comme un repoussoir absolu en termes d'égalité et d'inclusion, au point que tout politicien jugé un … Lire la suite La Parenthèse enchantée

Confessions d’un renégat involontaire

On me demande parfois pourquoi j'écris principalement en anglais. Tu es français alors écris en français que diable! Comment espères-tu toucher un public dont tu refuses de parler la langue?   Aussi étonnant que cela puisse paraître, je préfère de loin m'exprimer dans ma langue natale. Je n'ai pas à consulter un dictionnaire en ligne … Lire la suite Confessions d’un renégat involontaire