The American Claimant

When thinking of American mystery writers so much influenced by the British school that they might be called honourary members, one name immediately comes to mind: John Dickson Carr. He was after all a notorious anglophile, set most of his books in Britain and even lived there for several years. Carr, however, always remained a … Lire la suite The American Claimant


Diversity in Sameness

So the Best Novel Edgar has gone - what a surprise - to Walter Mosley, the second year in a row that a person of colour wins the award.   "Diversity at last" says Twitter.   "Diversity my ass" says I. There is no denying that starting last year the MWA have begun opening their … Lire la suite Diversity in Sameness

The Lost Art of Entertaining Crime Fiction, Contn’d

A most remarkable year in many respects, 1968 also saw the first book by an American writer to win the Edgar Award for Best Novel in nearly ten years. Donald Westlake's God Save the Mark prevailed over candidates as strong as Dick Francis's Flying Finish and - an unique occurrence in the award's history - two … Lire la suite The Lost Art of Entertaining Crime Fiction, Contn’d