Some Thoughts on the Least Likely Person

Our ancestors had it so much better than we do when it comes to crime fiction. Readers were much less jaded and familiar with the tropes of the genre and so they got fooled more easily, and writers in turn didn't have to rack their brains to find some new trick or a clever way … Lire la suite Some Thoughts on the Least Likely Person

The Clandestine Plotters

While we are repeatedly told by critics that crime fiction is about character and social comment, many of us readers keep ranking writers the old way, that is, by their plotting skills. There are a few great plotters, some good ones, many that are just average and a long, long succession of mediocrities - and … Lire la suite The Clandestine Plotters

The Mischaracterization of Charlotte Armstrong

Perhaps one of the weirdest stories of riches to rags in the crime fiction genre is that of Charlotte Armstrong. A towering force both critically and commercially in her lifetime and a perennial Anthony Boucher's favourite, she progressively faded into obscurity after her untimely death and is now known only to the diehard vintage mystery … Lire la suite The Mischaracterization of Charlotte Armstrong