Adieu L’Ami

Fellow blogger and most importantly best friend Noah Stewart has passed away today. People dying are never good news but this one hits very hard as he didn’t tell anyone about his health problems. For what we know he was doing okay, though he had been much less active lately than he used to be.

Though he never achieved blogging stardom, Noah was one of the earliest and keenest members of the online vintage mystery community and I strongly advice you to visit his blog once you’re done reading this eulogy. He frequently visited the Villa and I felt honoured every time he commented, or simply liked one of my articles; if Noah Stewart thought it was good then I must be doing something right.

We never met and now that he’s gone I realize that I knew little about him – I don’t even know how old he was. What I know on the other hand, and perhaps it’s what matters most, is that he was the kind of friend you can rely on – an endangered species, be it in real life or online. I remember once mentioning on the FB Golden Age of Detection group that I couldn’t find a decent-priced copy of Rex Stout’s The Hand in the Glove. He instantly messenged me to have my address so that he could send me his, and he adamantly refused any money. As often happens I haven’t read the book but I’ll think of him when I do.

I’m out of words, and eulogies like jokes work best when short. All I can say is « Bon voyage, mon ami » and that he’ll never be forgotten here.

Rest in peace Noah.

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