When It’s Over, It’s Over

It’s equally hard to tell when the Golden Age started, how long it lasted and when it ended, because everyone has their own definition of the concept. Still, I’m opening the can of worms again though from a different angle.

While we may not all agree on when it actually ended, we can all agree I think that it is over and has been for a long time. My question, which I may phrase poorly because its complexity is beyond my poor English skills, is what is the book or literary event in your opinion that marked the decisive end of the Golden Age, because it wouldn’t have been published or have taken place otherwise? Back when I wrote my « Golden Age(s) » series I chose Hare’s An English Murder as bookending the era but I’m increasingly drawn instead to the advent of Julian Symons as he was the first post-war crime writer whose approach would’ve been unthinkable and intolerable ten years prior. That he gained fame and recognition with such an anti-GA novel as The 31st of February then became a member of the Detection Club and win the Edgar for a book (The Progress of a Crime) that was conspicuously and deliberately devoid of the trappings of orthodox crime fiction was certainly a sign that the good old days were way behind.

What’s your take?

2 commentaires sur “When It’s Over, It’s Over

  1. For the sake of the argument, I would venture an idea I’ve read today at ah sweet mystery blog (https://ahsweetmysteryblog.wordpress.com/2019/01/30/remembrance-of-things-past-the-stirring-of-memory-in-the-novels-of-agatha-christie/?fbclid=IwAR2GePjAJma2kBR5gl0uk5p5y8R-rd3zRV5Cd8KBjXtNVTzAHWLdO3P8VjU)
    . Though it can’t be said with precision when The Golden Age of Mystery ended, the publication on 6 November 1939, as Ten Little Niggers then, now And Then There Were None, marked the beginning of the end of the Golden Age of Detective Fiction. Thoug it can be argue that we haven’t seen its end yet, given the interest that still have this kind of stories. Does it make sense?


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