Another Letter from the Editor

My decision to focus more on the analytical and the critical and going soft on the polemical seems to have done wonders for my blog as it has never been so popular (the fact that I’m posting more often may have helped too)

Some recent posts have been impressively successful – and not necessarily the ones I most expected to be, which proves once again that a writer is not always the best judge of his work. My review of Rex Stout’s Mountain Cat Murders in particular has been a massive hit by this blog’s standards. My suspense « biographical » piece on the other hand has been a disappointment so far, though a surge is still possible. Maybe that’s because I have written extensively about the subject and the post was more recapitulative than innovative, while the Stout one was a novelty. Let me know.

Now I’d like to talk about the future. It’s been twelve years since I started this blog and yet it feels like it’s only just beginning. I’m blogging now and for now on a more regular basis instead of only when my fancy took me, my interests have broadened and I think I’ve finally found a voice of my own. It’s just my feeling however and I’d really like to know yours. I know I’ve already said it many times before, but your comments are extremely appreciated – and also needed so that I know whether I’m making sense or not and this blog is going in the right direction. Should I write more about GAD stuff and less about non-GAD crime fiction, or the opposite? Should I further broaden my range of themes and authors? Should I do more reviews? Should I keep things this way? You’re judge.



3 commentaires sur “Another Letter from the Editor

  1. As a regular reader, albeit an extremely infrequent commenter, and blogger of similar vintage, I can only say that I believe you should post about whatever subject stimulates you most at a given time. There’s no need to place restrictions upon yourself, and I find what pleases you most also tends to be better received by a wider audience.

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  2. Just write what you want Xavier. You’re one of those writers who is never boring so I don’t mind what the subject is. The ‘Mountain Cat Murders’ post was so interesting I really want to get hold of a copy. All the best.

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