The Mischaracterization of Charlotte Armstrong

Perhaps one of the weirdest stories of riches to rags in the crime fiction genre is that of Charlotte Armstrong. A towering force both critically and commercially in her lifetime and a perennial Anthony Boucher's favourite, she progressively faded into obscurity after her untimely death and is now known only to the diehard vintage mystery … Lire la suite The Mischaracterization of Charlotte Armstrong

The Problematic Cop

To say that crime fiction long had, and to some extent still has, a police problem may seem rather odd at a time when police procedurals are the most frequent and popular form of the genre. The problem I'm discussing here is not the old political one of knowing whether crime fiction should lionize law … Lire la suite The Problematic Cop

I Know What You Did… and I Don’t Care

One of the minor inconveniences of reading mysteries almost exclusively over a long stretch of time (thirty years in this blogger's case) is that you're becoming harder and harder to fool (also to please, but that's another matter) While a few masters of the form elevate plotting to fine art and remain mostly unpredictable, most … Lire la suite I Know What You Did… and I Don’t Care