The Great and the Famous

There is no widely agreed upon definition of the Great Detective but mine would go like this: An amazingly gifted person, either from an amateur or professional background, who solves criminal cases that leave other people baffled. While it may seem rather broad and consensual this definition is much more restrictive than appears at first … Lire la suite The Great and the Famous

The Right Length

If you're not (yet) a member of the Golden Age Detective Fiction group over at Facebook then you miss a lot of great discussions. The latest hot topic t here started with a member voicing his disappointment with Otto Penzler's Big Book of Locked Room Mysteries but quickly turned into a larger debate over whether … Lire la suite The Right Length

Styles, un siècle plus tard

NDLR: L'article qui suit reprend et développe des idées formulées dans ce post. Les nombreux événements qui ont marqué le premier semestre de 2020 ont largement et logiquement éclipsé le centenaire de l'un des livres les plus importants de l'histoire de la littérature policière: il y a en effet cent ans que paraissait pour la … Lire la suite Styles, un siècle plus tard